Muarli Nagapuzha (b.1958) - Lives and works in Thrissur, Kerala, India.

Solo Exhibitions

1991 - Mahatma Gandhi Mandir Kannur sponsored by Lalitha Kala Academy,  Kerala

1995 - Life Scapes sponsored by Cube Kannur

2002 -  Joy of Colors; Lalitha Kala Academy, Contemporary Art Gallery, Kochi

2003 - Chitrasala Thrissur sponsored by Lalitha Kala Academy

2004 - Yousef Gallery, Mattanchery, Kochi.

2004 - Lalitha Kala Academy, Gallery Calicut. Colors of Joy; sponsored by Bankmens Club

2005 - Kasthuri Sreenivasan Trust Art Gallery; Coimbatore sponsored by KS Trust

2006 - Galleria Roman Rolland, New Delhi. Of Elephants Spices and Everyday; sponsored by Alliance Francaise,

             New Delhi. Embassy of Poland and State Government of Kerala; curated by Dr.Alka Pande

2007 - Garden of Eden; Visions from Kerala Taj Gate Way Hotel, Bangalore. Celebration series; curated by

            Jayamony Ambara and  sponsored by Taj Residency.

2011 - Muscat Indian Embassy; sponsored by Indian Embassy

2013 - Visual Art Gallery; An almost lost world

2014 - Sneha Poorvam Onv Kku; Lalitha Kala Gallery, Trivandrum, sponsored by Kerala Government

Group Exhibitions

Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy annual shows 1985, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 2002, 2003, 2004

Kalama Kenner sponsored by Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy in 1993. National Exhibition - National Lalitha Kala  Academy Bangalore in 1997. AIFACS - New Delhi, Contemporary Art Gallery - Kochi in 2003. Gallery East - New York and Apparao Galleries Triveni Kala Sangam - New Delhi in 2004. Colors of Joy  at  Chitrasala Thrissur (sponsored by Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy), Kerala Lalitha Kala academy show in aid of Tsunami victims Kochi at Trivandrum and  Turning the wheel- Traditions Unbound,  Contemporarary to past curated by Dr. Alka Pande at Visual Art Gallery, Habitat Centre New Delhi, (sponsored by United Nations) in 2005. Triveda Fine Arts - Early to Contemporary at Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi, Landscapes and City scapes at Galleria New Delhi, National Gallery of Modern Art. Moscow - Contemporary Indian Art in 21st Century by 25 Indian artists - curated by David Baurriard London (sponsored by  Indian Embassy) and a selection of Indian Contemporary Art- The Art of Investment,  Ashvita Galleries Chennai & Coimbatore  in  2007.  Triveda Fine Art Ltd. Indian Art, Early to Contemporary at Sheraton Hotel, New Delhi and Red Earth Monsoon Festival, New Delhi in 2008, Cross Country. National  Exhibition of Art, Travancore Art Gallery. New Delhi, Seeing is Believing -  India Consortium Project at Gallerie  New Delhi, Beating heart of Kerala - Contemporary Art from Gods own country at Gallery Noble Sage, London, Contemporary art for home at Lalith Ashok Bangalore, Gallery Time and Space, David hall Fort Kochi, Contemporary art of Kerala, First Impressions - A celebration of contemporary South Asian art at Indian Embassy, Muscat, Art Select Gallery, Dubai in 2009, Verse on canvas Academy of Fine Arts Kolkota, curated by Buddhadev Mandal, South Asian Show Santamonica California, Kolkota Art House , Brush Lines, Aid for Disha Foundation, curated by Urmila Mitra and Between Imagination and Reality. Galleria New Delhi  in 2010,  Visual Art Gallery Habitat Centre New Delhi, Vinyasa Gallery Chennai, WWF India and Religare Art Initiative, New Delhi and  A tribute to Hebbar. Bangalore  in 2012, "Visual Fusion"by Gallerie Splash   at Hotel Galaxy Shopping & Spa, Sector - 15, Gurgaon in 2013 and "The Art Show" by Gallerie Splash  - Open Palm Court Gallery, IHC, New Delhi, "Living Walls" by Gallerie Splash   in 2014.

Poster and collage exhibitions In all city centers of Kerala on various social issues

Honours and Awards

1986 - National fellowship award from Ministry of Human Resources, Government of India for research work

            Kalamezhuthu. Tradtional floral painting in Kerala.

1992 - Kerala,  Lailitha Kala Academy Award - Highly commended certificate

1995 - Kerala, Lalitha kala Academy Award - Highly commended certificate

1998 - Raja Ravi Varma Birth Centenary Award - Kilimanoor

2010 - Jackson Pollock Krasner Grant

Cadences of a New Dialect - July 5 - 2 , 2014
IAF2014 - November 27 - 30 , 2014
PADME - June 30 - 31 , 2015

Murali Nagapuzha