M Praveen Goud (b. 1986)


I was always passionate about science, mathematics ,technology  diagrams and  fashion art. Technology  plays a great role in our  lives  and   influences   culture  and  human  beings.  Series of Electro- Sapiens   deals with the idea that technology has almost entered  our  bodies   externally and  internally  and  that  science  +  technology +  fashion =art. I combined images from fashion magazines  with my portraits  created with  bulbs, sockets, Led’s, conductors and various electronic components that emote our present culture- One that is interlinked with the wire of ‘Globalization’.


M Praveen  Goud  originally  from  Hyderabad  is  now  based  in Baroda. He  studied  BFA  in

Painting   at  Potti  Sreeramulu  Telugu  University, Hyderabad, and  MVA  in  Printmaking   at

M S University, Baroda.


As a young printmaker Praveen was awarded a scholarship from Krishnakriti Foundation, 2006-2009, HRD Scholarship by the Government of India, Ministry of Culture, 2009-11,  New Delhi,  H K  Kejriwal  Young  Artist  Award  2010   from   Mahua  Art  Gallery, Bangalore  and   was  awarded the national academy award 2009, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi. He has taken part  in  many  artist  residency  programs  and  workshops, prominent being the ones, Peers- 2011, KHOJ international artists association, New Delhi.His   works  are  featured  in  several  exhibitions in galleries in India and abroad.


The artist lives and works in Baroda, India.

India Art Festival Mumbai - November 28 - 2 , 2012
A Working Title - March 12 - 12 , 2012

M. Praveen Goud