Bharti Singh (b.1957)

Born in Uttar Pradesh, Bharti is an art postgraduate. Her first solo exhibition was at IFACS, New Delhi.She has had over 40  group and solo exhibitions in India and abroad and has participated in a number of workshops, camps and fundraisers.
She was married at a very young age into a family of wildlife enthusiasts. Thus her true artistic education began at the most basic level by physical contact and emotional involvement with the natural world.
For the past decade the paradigm shift in her work has been quite dramatic, from the familiar expression of animals in their natural environment, she started to portray her subject as seen in their relationship with the Divine.

Her selected solo exhibitions include ‘Brush with the wild’ at AIFACS, New Delhi in 1983, ‘Son-et’ at Lumiere Art Gallery, Mumbai in 1996, ‘Freedom’ at Kamalnayan Bajaj Gallery, Mumbai in 1997, ‘Harmony in Motion’ at Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai  and ‘Species of Special Concern’ at WWF India Auditorium, New Delhi in 2000, ‘An Odessa on canvas’at Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai in 2001, ‘India Fest’ at Indian American Cultural Centre, Merrillville, USA in 2002, ‘Animals, Birds and The Divine’ at Visual Art Gallery, New Delhi in 2008 ‘The Blue Magician’ at  Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai in 2010 and ‘The Blue Magician’ at Alliance Franchise, Singapore in 2012.

Some of her selected group shows were at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore in 1998, ‘Pathways Heaven’ by Fida Art at  Artrium, Singapore in 2006, ‘Canvas India’ at  The Gulbenkian Room,   London, UK in 2008, at Gallery Sri Parvati,  Chennai  in 2009 and ‘Expressions’ at PHD Chambers, New Delhi  in 2012. 

The artist lives and works in New Delhi. 

PADME - June 30 - 31 , 2015

Bharti Singh