Sujith S N (b.1979)

My paintings broadly map out the radically changing spatial rhythms and the territorial disciplining of urban landscapes in the modern times. By appropriating the visually arresting images of the contemporary urban life, in the light of my experiences of the city,I try to explain the moments where the architecture becomes political.  In doing so, I specifically try to address questions such as the disciplinary powers and the regulatory mechanisms of the modern cities.   This, in effect, explains; how do urban landscapes and its architectural ordering express and practice modern institute's rationalities, how architecture determines the activities of people and how it influences and affects their  behavior. These paintings suggest, as Bourdieu has pointed out, that buildings not only serve a functional purpose, but they also express a set of symbolic opposition and hierarchies that order the societal divisions. 


These propositions lead to the other layers of my work. Violence is an overarching presence in my paintings.  It, in many ways, explains how violence is structural to the very idea of our modern-secular life. Modernity and its various representative institutions have become new justificatory principles to defend violence. In its drive to "progress" violence has established a secure relationship with the philosophy and practice of development. For me, the cities dramatically demonstrate this phenomenon. 


Cities always offer multiple possibilities within which a specialized otherness can flourish. I use the technique of superimposing spaces and objects that are never meant to be together, to bring out thities involved in the process of being other. . This otherness is the result of disciplinary power of the architectural space. Thus cities constitute one of the important moments of psychic collapse in one’s life. The attempt of my paintings is to capture these moments of psychic collapses.


As symptomatic responses to the trauma of development, my work is an ethical inquiry and critique of the history of the contemporary and places modernity as an active engagement with violence. This, in effect, will enlighten us of the ways in which we perceive and resist the historical construction of violence and thereby will equip us to critically challenge the melancholy tenor of our contemporary crisis.



•             MFA from Sarojini Naidu School of Fine Arts, Performing Arts and Communication, University of Hyderabad, 2007

•             BFA from College of Fine Arts, Thrissur, University of Calicut, 2005

•             Diploma in civil draughtsmanship


Solo Shows             

•             The City and The Tower 2008 at Sakshi Gallery Mumbai

•             Map is not the Territory 2010 at Lattitude 28, Mumbai

•             Psalms of silence and dark 2012  at HSLU Luzern, Switzerland

•             Psalms of an (In)visibile River 2013 at Vadehra Art Gallery, Delhi


 Group Shows

•             Kerala Lalit Kala Academi Annual Show, 2004 and 05

•             Auto Hanger an exhibition of Indian contemporary artists, 2006,Mumbai

•             Tangerine Art Space Bangalore, 2007

•             Open-eyed Dreams and  Durbar hall, 2007, Cochin

•             The Double Gallery OED, Cochin

•             Relative Visa, Curated by Bose Krishnamachari, 2008 at Bodhi Gallery

•             The Earth , Curated by Rajan Krishnan at Gallery OED , 2010, Kochi

•             The Indian Sub-Way, Curated by Yashodhara Dalmia at Vadhera Grosvner, 2010, London

•             India Art Summit, 2011, Sakshi Gallery

•             Citizen for justice in Museum Gallery, 2010, Mumbai

•             The Skoda Prize Twenty, 2011

•             Embedded Landscape at Religare art, 2013, Delhi

•             Hail at MNF, 2013, Cochin

•             Lalit  kala South Zone, 2013 

•             Small is Big Curated by Anoop kamath in Durbar Hall, 2013, Cochin

•             Convergence, Curated by Kathryn Myers at William Benton Museum U.S.A



•             Lalit Kala Academi district camp, 2004

•             ACK Raja State camp, 2005

•             Gallery OED national art meet, 2005

•             MUWC India-Sakshi camp, Pune, 2007

•             RPG camp at Mumbai, 2010

•             TAD art Camp at Mussorie 2011

•             Indo-Asian Camp at Dargeeling 2012

•             Harmony Camp at Mumbai

•             Art Chennai 2011 and 2012



•             Kerala Lalit Kala Academi  special mention award, 2004

•             Kerala Lalit Kala Academi state award, 2005

•             ACK Raja award, 2005

•             Merit Scholarship, University of Hyderabad, 2005

•             Longlisted for Skoda prize, 2011

•             FICA Emerging Artist Award, 2011

Stains of stimuli - February 11 - 12 , 2014

Art Chennai S N Sujith